Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coal Fire Pizza Columbia, Maryland Restaurant Review

Coal Fire Pizza made me fall in love with pizza all over again!

When I first heard about Coal Fire Pizza in Columbia I thought to myself "just another pizza joint opening up". I was so wrong. This place is awesome. I had to post a Baltimore Restaurant Review!

Coal Fire Pizza Columbia Maryland Restaurant Review
Coal Fire Pizza Review Columbia, Maryland
At Coal Fire Pizza Columbia it starts with the sauce. They offer three varieties of sauces to choice from for your pizza. Classic, Spicy and Signature. The Signature sauce at Coal Fire Pizza Columbia is a mix of the classic and spicy pizza sauces. I prefer the spicy sauce, it has a nice kick to it. The dough and mozzarella cheese are both handmade in house and the extra effort goes a long way! It's then "Charred to perfection" in their coal burning over. I strongly recommend eating at Coal Fire Pizza Columbia. If you happen to go there let me know what you think!

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