Friday, September 2, 2011

Franzia Shiraz Wine Review

You might be asking yourself "why the hell is this idiot reviewing Franzia wine?" Most of the people I know associate Franzia wine with alcoholics or underage drinking. Well I am neither of those or maybe I'm just an alcoholic in denial...just kidding. Seriously though, I have a 8 month old son and my wife and I have had to really take a look at our expenditures and finds ways to cut back on spending.

The first thing that jumped out to us was how much we spend on alcohol. It's not like we partied everyday or anything but when we did drink pricey wines, top shelf liquors and expensive beers. We tried a bunch of different types of Franzia wine and we ended up liking the Franzia Shiraz wine the most.(Pictured Below).

Franzia Box Wine
Franzia Box Wine Review
Five liters of the Franzia Shiraz Wine cost anywhere between $10 and $18 depending on where you buy it. So that means you are paying between $2 and $3.60 per liter for Franzia wine. That represented a substantial amount of money saved to spend on other things (diapers). A word of advice if you do start drink the Franzia Shiraz wine is to consider keeping it in the fridge and if you plan of drinking some that evening pour what you want into a decanter earlier in the day so it is at room temperature. The reasoning behind this is it will help you avoid getting fruit flies (they think Franzia wine is yummy too).

While we are on the subject you should also check this out. It is a site called Get Drunk Not Broke. It's basically is a huge table comparing the alcohol by volume and the price of products to let you know which ones will get you the most drunk for your money (Franzia wine made the list!). I enjoyed looking at it and I hope you will too. Also, check out the main page of the site Get Drunk Not Fat.

Do you have any other boxed wines that you like to drink? They don't have to be from Franzia. What about some cheap booze that is still pretty good? Leave a comment and let me know your opinion. Be sure to check out other Food Reviews and Drink Reviews


  1. Well I see others were too embarrassed to post....however, I am a crazy oenophile without the budget to indulge in my favs on a daily or even weekly basis.
    Truth be told this Shiraz in a blind taste test would blow the socks off any dusty bottle available at a grocery market/liquor store level (the masses) so why pay $20-$30 for a risky mediocre event??? this particular blend is made in S.Australia like any Shira'z' should be and is dry, complex, heavy, woodsey, nutty, berry, buttery, and punchy all at the same time. I am in no way promoting Franzia in general terms, but the Shiraz is special . . delightful, drinkable, AND affordable and available in maybe 1 of 6 outlets that sell the brand. Kudos for this article!!!

  2. I am an old man living on Social Security, plus meager savings, and even though I love a good Château Cheval Blanc or any of the other wines of the Premier Grand Cru Classé "A" estate class I find that if I purchase them on a regular basis I must forgo other niceties like food, shelter, and clothing. There is nothing more ridiculous looking than a naked old man turning up a bottle of Grand Cru while seeking shelter under a bridge.

    Franzia Shiraz has solved the problem for me. It has a very acceptable taste and even though I live in the Bible Belt state of Tennessee, where alcohol is heavily taxed because it is sinful, I only pay about $18.00 for a five liter box. It tastes good enough that I would serve it if my two state senators came for dinner. Of course I don't like my senators but Franzia would be good enough even if I did.

  3. Charlie - I agree, the Franzia Shiraz wine is a great value and tastes good as well. If I had company and poured the Franzia shiraz into glasses in the kitchen and served it in the dining room, I'm sure 9/10 people would have no idea it was a Franzia boxed wine.

  4. I love the Franzia Shiraz and I've just learned that Franzia is no longer making it and I can't find a comparable replacemet for the price.

    1. What? Where did you get your information? I have been searching for it here in ABQ N.M. I know there is still some out in Yuma Arizona because my mom bought some.

  5. Alcoholics, underage drinking, or maybe just low income? It's definitely a very "lower middle class" beverage.

  6. QQminusS - When I wrote this blog post, I was dead broke!!!


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